Haworth Wholefoods is Heaven for Vegans

As if Haworth didn’t have enough to offer- wild moors, rich literary history, cobbled streets and quaint gift shops, it now has every vegan’s idea of paradise- a wholefood shop.

On the spring equinox of 2016, Haworth Wholefoods opened its doors. Situated at the very top of Haworth main street and painted bright green with a great rainbow in the window, it is hard to miss. As a Haworth girl, I was delighted when I heard rumours that they had some vegan foods. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was certainly not expecting what I actually found- pasties, cheeses, chocolates, cakes, ice creams, toiletries and even the ever illusive vegan quorn. I felt like a child in a sweet shop, (I think I will make ‘a vegan in a wholefood shop’ my new version of the phrase.) If I had to write a list of all the vegan foods I would like to have in a shop, Haworth Wholefoods have pretty much every one, from Vego to Hummus Chips, and Violife to Nooch (Nutritional Yeast.) If you are more of a back-to-basics eater, Haworth Wholefoods also sell fresh local produce, and are looking to begin a veggie box scheme in early September in which they hope to incorporate delivering heavier goods such as plant milks, brilliant for those who cannot easily get to a supermarket.


It would be impossible for me to talk about every vegan product they stock, so I have photographed most of them for your perusal and I will now talk about a few of my personal favourites:

Lets begin with the pasties. They are served hot and have many vegan varieties including tamil potato curry, vegan cornish and my personal favourite the Mediterranean. They also do a few non vegan varieties, which are always on the bottom shelf, so be sure to ask. These are great to pick up just before heading onto the famous Bronte moors via the churchyard just to the left of the shop, and they are seriously tasty. As well as pasties, Haworth Wholefoods also do sandwiches which they make fresh to order. I personally like the smoked violife and salad sandwich  on a crusty white roll, but they also do houmous, cheatin’ ham and vegan salami. This is great if you are walking some distance, up to Top Withens perhaps, and do not want a pasty to get cold while you walk.


new violife2.jpg

Violife vegan cheese is made with coconut milk, and is completely soy free for anyone with a sensitivity. They are also gluten free, cholesterol free and GMO free.What they are not free of, is flavour. I love the smoked variety as the smokiness just adds a bit of interest to a cheese salad sandwich.

Also sneaking into the picture is Booja Booja chocolate truffles, which are beyond words delicious. run by a very ethical company, these truffles are guilt free goodness. If it is someone’s birthday, buy them these. Or just buy them as a treat for yourself and eat the whole lot, you deserve it.


new vego.jpg

Vego bars are great for any chocolate addicts. I recently talked about Vego and Booja-Booja in my Vegan Chocolate 5 Ways post. These bars are very tasty, with smooth chocolate and whole hazelnuts. They are also Fairtrade, which means that they are a completely guilt free indulgence.

Hummus Chips



Hummus chips come in many different varieties, and all are delicious. I particularly enjoy the tomato and basil flavour. They contain 48% less fat than regular crisps, which means you can eat twice as many, right?



Made with organic soya, this ice cream is luxurious, creamy, chocolatey goodness. Jollyum are a local North Yorkshire company based in Ripon, so definitely worth supporting. This dairy free ice cream can be used as a base for milkshakes and smoothies, and can also be put with pancakes or simply eaten straight from the tub on a hot summer’s day while walking down the main street.


Haworth Wholefoods has made life so much easier for this rural vegan, meaning that I don’t have to bring my own food with me whenever I visit. I would definitely recommend popping in if you are planning a trip to Haworth, and if you aren’t, then you should be.



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