Fry’s Traditional Burger Review

Another burger post! I promise I have eaten very healthily for the rest of this week. I have been wanting to do more reviews of readily available ‘junky’ vegan products to show that you don’t need a million exotic ingredients in order to have a fantastic vegan feast, there are plenty of vegan ‘oven foods’ available in supermarkets and chain stores. These Fry’s veggie burgers are from Holland and Barratt, costing £3.15 for four. This is slightly on the pricey side compared to veggie burgers in supermarkets, but I think it’s worth it to help an all vegan company to grow, I see it as an investment. Fry’s are the Quorn of the vegan world, and honestly I prefer a lot of their products. They have a large range of mock meats, and I have been impressed with all that I have tried so far.

The cooking instructions on the burger say to pan fry or barbecue, so of course it being February I decided on the former. I would have rather been able to oven or grill them as I don’t like to use too much oil in my cooking, but as we’re being unhealthy we might as well go all out. The burgers were true to the cooking time, around 8-10 minutes and were easy to flip and retained a nice solid shape. The appearance isn’t terribly appetising, it’s just a browny grey sludgy colour, but I think that is to be expected. After all, they are trying to imitate meat.

A lot of vegans aren’t fans of meat imitation products, as they remind them too closely of meat and the cruelty involved in its production. I was fortunate enough to be raised pescetarian and have never eaten a meat burger before, so I don’t associate the taste or texture with animal flesh. That being said, some vegans like meat imitations because it’s a great way to get the taste without the cruelty. I even have a few meat eating friends and family who would buy meat imitations because they prefer them.


I served the burger in a seed bun with lettuce cucumber and tomato and barbecue sauce. I found the burger to be moist and I enjoyed the way it was seasoned. I have received wisdom that the burger tastes exactly like a hotdog, so if you know what that tastes like you’re along the right lines. The second time I cooked a burger, I put a bit of barbecue sauce on whilst it was frying and although it made it sizzle a lot, it gave it a nice char-grilled taste and it crisped up a lot more than without (and looked more like the photo on the box!) I initially thought that the burgers looked quite thin and unimpressive, particularly for the price when straight out of the freezer. Once I got it in the bun with all the trimmings, I struggled to take a bite into it, so it was enough. I would definitely eat this burger again, although I have to say I preferred the chicken style burger that Fry’s do, so I might be tempted to go for that one next time. It really depends what you’re after, these would be great for a barbecue. All in all a very tasty and sound product and I would recommend it to vegans and meat eating family and friends alike.



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