Handmade Burger Co. Review


P1010433.JPGJanuary is now ‘Veganuary’ where people take the pledge to go vegan for the month of January (and hopefully beyond.) A lot of restaurants do special vegan-y things in January to support this and Handmade Burger Co, in true Veganuary spirit, offered 50% off on all vegan menu items when you download the voucher. As my mum had given me and my other half some money to go out for a meal, we decided to make the most of it and took an impromptu trip to the Leeds branch.

People are often surprised when I tell them that Handmade Burger Company is great for vegan options, but they really are! If you can look past the signs boasting about their wonderfully sourced meat that is, and it is worth it. They have three clearly labelled vegan burgers to choose from (yes- three!)  These are:

Cajun vegetable and bean

Spinach and lentil

Sweet potato and bean

(Apparently some of the vegetarian ones can be veganised.)

I have tried two of them, taking a punt on the Cajun vegetable and bean the last time I went, but on this trip I reverted back to my firm favourite, the Sweet potato and bean burger. I appreciate that the prices may seem steep for a burger, not including sides, but they do often have offers and discounts, giving a students 30% off on Mondays and 15% for the rest of the week when you show a valid student card, so choose your timing wisely.

(Yes, I did start eating before remembering to take photos. I was hungry.)


The burger is just amazing, it’s one of my all-time favourites, it’s just yum. Sweet potatoes are one of my most loved foods anyway, so it was always going to be a winner. The burger itself is very substantial, you get enough to fill a normal sized human belly and it comes with mango and ginger salsa, tomato and red onion. We also got a side of gherkins, which I put in my burger much to the disgust of the OH, and chips which are just perfection. I’m sure the picture speaks for itself. The sauces on the table are also clearly marked vegan, and they are nice and spicy, although the green one does taste slightly like grass.

As for the service, you do have to order at the till, like Wetherspoon’s or Nando’s, which may put some people off, but the staff are always very friendly and go beyond the robotic ‘can I take your order please? Yes mam, no mam fries with that mam?’ The woman serving me even complimented my iPad screensaver (the Joker.) I liked the casual vibe, you feel as though you can go there on a whim without worrying about being underdressed, or you can be fancy, whatever. It is very tastefully done out, and despite the writing on the walls, I didn’t find that it felt overly ‘meaty,’ I couldn’t smell it and there weren’t bits of animals hanging off the walls like there often are in a lot of meat centred restaurants *cough*friends of ham*cough.*

All in all our meal, including voucher, cost around £17. That was for two burgers, gherkins, chips and two alcoholic drinks. Without the voucher it would have been £10 more.

I would absolutely recommend this restaurant, it has become a firm favourite of mine and is a brilliant place to take would-be-vegans to show them that we don’t have to miss out.

Scores out of 10:

Food 9/10

Atmosphere 8/10

Price 5/10 without vouchers, 9/10 with.



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