Handmade Burger Co. Review

  January is now ‘Veganuary’ where people take the pledge to go vegan for the month of January (and hopefully beyond.) A lot of restaurants do special vegan-y things in January to support this and Handmade Burger Co, in true Veganuary spirit, offered 50% off on all vegan menu items when you download the voucher.… Continue reading Handmade Burger Co. Review

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Country Pies Review

Think vegans are always hungry? Think we can’t have treats? Think again. Just because you don’t support animal cruelty doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a proper Yorkshire meal. What better treat after a hard week’s work than a big old plate full of pie and peas? I plan on doing a… Continue reading Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Country Pies Review

My Vegan Story

I barely ate meat while growing up. My mother was pescatarian and I made the decision to do the same when I was 7 years old as the thought of this lump on my plate running around with thoughts and feelings meant that I did not then want it running through my digestive system. (Unfortunately the… Continue reading My Vegan Story